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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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hyde to address us, i want to make a couple of points. neither myself nor this commission is discrediting the process of the plan. we respect the process, we just know that it isn't finished yet. wefeel like it is fair to keep on talking about it. things have been referred to as an entertainment zone. we findthat language to be inflammatory. ctual.ves no purpose and is not our input, by the way, is simply recommendations. it is for those bodies that decision.make the final no decision made here today reflects the plan, it is just our recommendation to them.
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land use is a very long-term decision when you make a land use decision, it goes out into the future. it requires as much discussion as possible. we are taking it seriously a we feelthat we can continue to talk about it. there are issues that still need o be talked about. we realize it has taken a long time for this plan to be formulated. issues are different now, and there are folks that still want toave some input after this presentation is made, it is to form a subcommittee to further discuss this issue i imagine any -- many of you out here are to speak on the subject and the request that everyone be civil and respectful during public comment.
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commissioner hyde: i wanted to thank everyone that came out tonight because it is this kind of input that i have been trying to open the doors for for several months now. my idea was not to rush ahead without community input or concerns. i think it is very important to note that since june, i have been trying to open this for discussion for issues that were brought to me by members of the commission and concerns from the news as well as small business owners and people who work with these small businesses. the plan is very comprehensive, and we are proud that we have a
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community plan that takes a lot of the better parts of the plan, such as the stabilization policy or the idea of more bike lanes and being more like friendly, creating better transit, these are things that i acknowledge are good for this plan there is a discussion around alternatives that they feel like they have not been heard. i am not saying that they are the only voices, i am not saying they are the only ones i have done out reached 2 or intent to do outreach to. i was glad to hear that we are
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moving this forward, because this discussion needs to be open and effective. the reason it was being pushed through, i was told how, as were other people on the plan, february is when the eir would come out. that is the environmental review that would start implementing this plan. people were saying that all this time has come, we need to do something and we need to act fast. i was placed in the position of trying to come up with language as to what these would look like at trying to get someone to discuss them with me. that was a very difficult process to get someone to discuss them with me. i did the best that i could invoicing and common language what it would look like if we invested a little more and entertainment and took another look at how it fits into the western soma neighborhood of
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fabric. i intend to also do more outreach to the neighbors. if you want to talk to me, i am extremely available. i love meetings, i love getting coffee, please contact me. i mean yeah. there are several people that have worked with me in the audience tonight, i am very open and willing to listen to your needs and concerns. i am not going to promise that i agree with everything you say, you will probably not agree with everything i say, but it is only through open dialogue that we can come to the best decisions and make sure that it is not just here say that we are reacting to. as to why this was brought to me, i was on the western soma planning task force that started with the arch representative making comments to me that he was looking for help looking
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into entertainment ever since the former entertainment person have left the discussion. he felt that he was having trouble getting these points listened to. so i help him pursue this, and at every turn, we were told that we did not understand about to have this conversation. this conversation could not continue. and when you start telling me know and the small businesses starting yes, we would like to continue this, i feel that it is my duty to continue on. and check out what people have asked me to check out. i am not doing this to get anyone or do anything other than open up a conversation. i am just going to say that one more time. i would like to move forward in
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a positive way where my back is not against the wall to come up with planning speak that i don't know. i am hoping that we have a full board at the entertainment commission, which could have a full and vetted discussion about entertainment that is not in the purvey, unnecessarily, of the actual taskforce since i was unable to get that discussion there. that is really all i have to say except that i am really glad you came out. i am not looking to extend entertainment throughout all of soma under everyone's roof. it is about some of the entertainment uses that have looked as far as the zoning end the conversation would continue from there. please contact me because now as when the work starts.
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commissioner joseph: please note commissioenner tan is present. >> i will call for public comment, but before doing so, i would like to form this subcommittee that will have no less than three meetings that will engage the public in dialogue on this issue. on the subcommittee, i appoint a commissioner tan, commissioner hyde and myself. a three-member sub-committee. you will all get a copy of that agenda, and we will see you then. i look forward to public comment on this issue. i have some speaker cards. forgive me if i mispronounce your name.
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>> i have lived within the western somacommunity plan area for over 10 years. i have a vested interest in the betterment of my community. i am here to ask you to stop this attempt to overrule the western plan. please respect the community plan as itis, ere have been 66 community meetings discussing entertainment with input from all interested stakeholders. please do not ignore our well thought out and well the plan. show my neighborhood some respect and leave e plan alone. i suggest you start your own plan. thank you. >> next speaker, jeremy pulled. -- paul. >> my name is jeremy paul, i
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am a permit consultant and diocese people with projects going through the permit process. this plan has been very -- a lot of hard work has gone into it. there is so much quality in this document. i don't want to see a this, the quality of the essential core element of this document be threatened by a weak entertainment element. it really falls upon the entertainment division and the community that created its to support entertainment uses in the western soma. i have worked there for about 60 years and spent most of my days there. i feel very strongly that this plan as it now stands is very
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weak in how it supports entertainment uses and how it enables a entertainment uses to thrive and continue. many elements of this plan are accepted in a defacto sort of way but the planning department as it reviews upcoming projects and the district. there is a preemptory review of the upcoming projects under the draft plan, the i don't think you can waste any time at all in getting serious about presenting alternative proposals as far as the entertainment uses in this district. >> [reading names] and anybody else that wants to speak on this issue, please line
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up on that side of the room. >> i live in the south of market district. my partner lives in the western soma planning area so i feel affected by any decisions in that area. i will ask that you stop trying to hijack and spoil a well thought out and well vetted community plan. if sfgovtv would please show was on the overhead? i guess i could read it. you're starting a subcommittee with three members. how many mailings to zero residents are you going to do? the planning task force held all 7000 residents and other affected parties three times. 21,000 pieces of mail. you have the budget to send out 7000 mailings at least once?
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twice? three times? i guess no. you're starting a process, and a totally different process here. so far this commission has had one public meeting prior to tonight. between 2006 and present, they have discussed entertainment and how it fits in in a balanced way with the rest of the other stakeholders and interests in the community. how many times is the subcommittee going to meet? we say it is just eleventh street, but if you attack eleventh street, your attacking all south of market residents. finally, and there really was the overhead was working right now, the entertainment division,
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we are setting up the three- member subcommittee. there are six members of the entire commission. there are 26 members of the task force appointed by the board of supervisors. i will read the different members to you. honda president representative, one recent representative, when entertainment activities rep. a nonprofit developer, a for- profit developer, the san francisco transportation authority, a planning department representative which is very important. if the subcommittee doesn't have a planning person, what are you doing talking about planning?
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please back off. thank you. >> the evening, commissioners. the neighborhood contains some of the most important entertainment venues in the city. these small businesses contribute to the san francisco economy and the city of the vibrant culture. we all of knowledge that they often conflict with residential uses and we don't oppose housing entirely because there are already neighbors that lived adjacent to these venues. some of them moved into the neighborhood because of the thriving nightlife. encouraging more housing in this neighborhood is asking for trouble. we support reforms that will improve the relationship between the nightlife and the community.
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if new housing is built in the neighborhood, it should be designed to take into consideration what is already there. like new construction that will protect residents from allies. we also favor making entertainment a permanent use. making entertainment a permanent use will help ensure the viability of the businesses for years to come. it is a delicate negotiation and it is important to hear from the stakeholders' involved and we thank you for undertaking this process. people move to san francisco because of the vibrant culture. the economy has been hard on entertainment businesses. it is important to the city makes easier and not harder for these businesses to thrive.
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>> i've lived and owned property just off 11th street since 1968. whoever's plan must advocate a certain style of clubs, legally. they must be osha compliance workplaces. this impact of federal funding hall going in the san francisco. he may not propose any plan that produces so much noise out of love that the neighbors become disturbed. this is the only problem that causes them a disturbance to residents. they would bother almost no one. at that is, it is disturbing
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people a block away. you people are not allowed to advocate any plan that allows noncompliant workplaces. this is federal law, this is state law. federal funding depends on this. it is good for the employees, it won't hurt anybody, and it will calm the problems with the neighbors. >> i have met several of you last wednesday and i feel like this is going to be a lopsided
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decision. i feel like families and the entertainment commission wants to expand, but take a look at the family and the needs of the neighborhood. we have a school that is almost acally- we almost lost the filipino education center on folsom streets. 15-30 years of community advocacy and nonprofit organizations that actually worked so hard to make the south of market district 6 into a family friendly zone, a safe, her family friendly zone. when you say it will be a fully
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permitted use, i hope there is no pornographic entertainment in the area. i don't like the fact that when you, one of you told me i was ostracizing. i am telling you i am not ostracizing because am a parent that is very much concerned about my family. what would you say to your kids when you see people having sex on the street in front of your house? how about shootings on folsom street? how many times? how many times do people not respect the neighborhood? what can you as commissioners do in order to respect and take care of our neighborhood? there are businesses and their, you do business in the neighborhood, please care. the western soma task force
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has worked so hard for this plan. it is a well thought out plan, but i don't think there is going to be balanced because a majority of you went to the meeting last week and you were all against me. it is not just about talking, it is about getting involved in the grass roots community. please hear us out. >> folks, there is an overflow room in room 421. it has video screens, we have been informed it is a fire hazard for you to be standing around. if you cannot find a seat in this room, go to room 421. if you would like to speak on public comment, you will have plenty of time. we will make sure that we wait for you. thank you very much, i
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appreciate it. nexts speaker. >> there are no more speaker cards. anyone else that wants to speak, please come up. >> i am a resident of western soma. i want to caution the entertainment commission for taking positions without making sure that the commissioners are well-informed about the details. without knowing what is in the plan and what problems it can address. planning is a complicated topic and the task force spent months and years getting to know the reasons for them. and the immovable parameters within which changes can take place. for example, the represented from cmac said that she did not wantto see more housing. that is something that we cannot avoid, so the question is where
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to put it and what kind of housing? if you want to get new housing of eleventh street, you have to have a new proposal for where it will go. what ever is coming up here will not get the same level of attentionby the task force and in this case, it matters a great deal. some of the complaints are best -- based on misunderstandings. there are quite a number of provisions to protect entertainment. any concernsand critics of the plan are addressed in the plan. measures for new residential construction, this was something that the representative just brought up. there was language about this in the plan. another issue that came out last week was the residential
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construction nea existing entertainment venues should have entry from the alley ways as opposed to the main thoroughfares to the people coming in and out of these uses what not to wander into one another unnecessarily. this is a great idea. it is already in the plan. some of the things tt concern critics follow policies that apply throughout the city and are dictated by other jurisdictions and codes. one example is the sunset provisiothat follows applicable city codes. many other aspects are not unique to it. if there are concerns, they need to be taken up with the appropriate agencies. there are many problems facing entertainment in the city and south of market. i don't think this discussion is addressing any of them.
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in the community plan is much ado for a little or no benefit, and considerable downside for everyone, including a lot of energy is being expanded and unnecessary conflict is being generated. we should be trying to get it adopted rather than arguing over things that are already addressed or have been discussed for the last five or six years. >> i am a business owner and a 10-year homeowner. i agree that good planning requires just that, good planning. i do own a home of a eleventh street that is right across from
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the lounge. my wife and i looked in that neighborhood with the intention of finding ahome because the neighborhood appealed to us. we looked at a number of homes in units available at chose this one because of its construction. they chose double pane windows, significant insulation, and with the opening for ventilation not facing the street, itwas a great home. the others were not quite so well constructed. my feeling is, i recommend the construction elements of the plan be smart construction and not be implemented. i think this process might bring to light a lot of what was in the plan that might not be easily understood.
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and you. -- thank you. >> anybody else for public comment? if you're going to make public comment and you want to live up, please do so on that side of the room. speak to supervisor mar and tell him this is a long issue. >> i am still making a couple of notes but i will jump right in. i should note that in light of the fact that you are about to embark on a series of committee meetings, any substantive changes to the proposal for adoption would require further environmental review. the eir has been underway for
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more than three years, e funding s run out and you will have to take that into account. this folder contains five reports which we call strategic analysis. the address fundamental questions that we needed to answer before we ever began to discuss policies and policy decision making. it includes housing, transportation, open space, and neighborhood economics. this also contains the first iteration of the community plan that was released in 2008. there is another document called comments and responses document. it takes all comments and responses to the original draft
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for a citizens review. it provides a framework of answers and appointed a direction for the plan to adopt. this folder contains the proposal for adoption. that is the final draft of the plan. it was adoptedby the task force in october of last year. the citizens planning task force has worked with hundreds of south of market neighbors including members of the entertainment community for more than six years to strike a balance between competing interests. we're the only planning process in the city to propose an actual expansion of the entertainment opportunities. we are looking at entertainment in the context of an excuse community. it is thert


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